Snorkel & Hike Sazan Island 360 Extreme Adventure

Embark on the ultimate adventure with our Sazan Island 360 Extreme Fun tour! Dive into the crystal-clear waters of Devil's Gorge and Seal Monk Caves, explore hidden sea caves in the Treasure Cave of Haxhi Aliu, and snorkel amidst the vibrant marine life along the western reef of Sazan. Trek through historic trails, discover abandoned bunkers, and marvel at breathtaking views of Devil's Gorge. Join us for an unforgettable full day  journey filled with thrills and exploration!

DaEUR 65

Snorkeling,Hiking & Spelology Dafina Bay ,Bear's Bay & Duk Gjoni Cave (Group)

Embark on a snorkeling-adventure tour to Dafina Bay & Bear's Bay. Brace yourself for an unforgettable journey as you navigate the rugged beauty of Karaburun Peninsula by boat and snorkel in the hidden blu gems of Ionian Sea. Explore the hidden treasures of Dafina Bay and delve deep into the blue heart of Bear's Bay, a mesmerizing wild wonder of Ionian. Get ready to unleash your inner underwater adventurer and discover the untamed splendor of Albania's coastal wilderness.

DaEUR 85

Karaburun Hiking Expedition (Group)

Embark on an eight-hour Karaburun Hiking Expedition, beginning with a visit to the legendary Haxhi Ali Cave. Then, ascend to the breathtaking Hilqe Summit at 791 meters, where panoramic views await. Descend to tranquil St. John's Bay for a rest stop before concluding your adventure at Saint Basil's Bay. Explore, discover, and indulge in the natural beauty of Karaburun Peninsula.

DaEUR 55