Rib Adventure in Sazan Island & Karaburun Marine Park

From EUR 50

Explore the Beauty of Nature with an Unforgettable Trip to Sazan Island and Pirate Cave Expedition! With a comfortable speedboat we will be sailing all the Bay of Vlora,in a unique tour of the Marine Park of Sazan and Karaburun to explore the glorious history of sailors and pirates and the most unique hidden gems of Albania. The Ultimate Speedboat and Hiking Adventure Trip to have Fun with no limits!!!

From EUR 50

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  1. -Sazan Island
We make an (easy) walk with a tour guide to discover the history and the most prestigious attractions of the island, we visit: 1. The Port and the Bay of San Nicola 2.The panoramic Trench on Port 3.The Village of Sazan 4. The Tunnel 1982

    2. Haxhi Ali Cave 
Snorkeling inside the "Pirate Cave of Haxhi Ali"

     3.Karaburun Peninsula
Follow the tour guide to take an (easy) walk along the coast to admire the Karaburun Nature Reserve and discover hidden and enchanting beaches and coves.



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