Snorkeling Tour Dafina Bay & Bear's Bay

From EUR 70

Embark on a snorkeling-adventure tour to Dafina Bay & Bear's Bay. Brace yourself for an unforgettable journey as you navigate the rugged beauty of Karaburun Peninsula by boat and snorkel in the hidden blu gems of Ionian Sea. Explore the hidden treasures of Dafina Bay and delve deep into the blue heart of Bear's Bay, a mesmerizing wild wonder of Ionian. Get ready to unleash your inner underwater adventurer and discover the untamed splendor of Albania's coastal wilderness.

From EUR 70

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Haxhi Ali Cave:

Explore the legendary Haxhi Ali Cave with our knowledgeable tour guide.
Enjoy snorkeling or admire the intricate stalactites and stalagmites.
Learn about the fascinating history of this iconic cave.

Shore Excursion of Karaburun Peninsula:

Embark on a thrilling shore excursion along the rugged coastline.
Discover hidden gems and scenic viewpoints with our expert guide.

Dafina Bay & Cave:

Journey to Dafina Bay and its Cave, a hidden gem nestled along the coastline.
Explore the cave and its surrounding beach, great spot for snorkeling.

Bear's Bay:

Continue your adventure to Bear's Bay, a picturesque cove surrounded by towering cliffs.
Take in the breathtaking scenery and enjoy leisure time on the beach.


Experience the best of Karaburun Peninsula and its hidden treasures with our guided tour!


Upgrade to our 360 Experience with Trekking & Spelology Bear's Bay & Duk Gjoni Cave  for an all-inclusive adventure! 


  • Drinks
  • Fruits
  • Sandwiches
  • Tour Guide 
    Snorkeling Equipment 


  • Lunch 


  • 6 Hours