Snorkel & Hike Sazan Island 360 Extreme Adventure

From EUR 65

Embark on the ultimate adventure with our Sazan Island 360 Extreme Fun tour! Dive into the crystal-clear waters of Devil's Gorge and Seal Monk Caves, explore hidden sea caves in the Treasure Cave of Haxhi Aliu, and snorkel amidst the vibrant marine life along the western reef of Sazan. Trek through historic trails, discover abandoned bunkers, and marvel at breathtaking views of Devil's Gorge. Join us for an unforgettable full day  journey filled with thrills and exploration!

From EUR 65

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Departure from Vlore:
Meet at the designated meeting point in Vlore.
Board our boat and set off for Sazan Island.

Trekking Adventure:

Arrive at Sazan Island and begin the trekking adventure.
Explore the historic Trail of the Prison, a challenging 3-hour trek through rugged terrain.
Visit Tunnel 1982, South Cape Bunkers, and the abandoned Prison of Sazan, offering stunning views of the island's cliffs and coastline.

Snorkeling Exploration:

After the trek, head to Devil's Gorge for the first snorkeling session.
Dive into the clear waters and explore the Seal Monk Caves and majestic cliffs.
Proceed to Cape of Seagulls and Hell's Gorge for the second snorkeling session, marveling at the vibrant marine life along the Coral Barrier of Devil's Gorge.

Sea Cave Discovery:

Next, explore the hidden sea caves in the Treasure Cave of Haxhi Aliu.
Dive beneath the surface and discover the unique underwater landscapes and marine ecosystems.

Shore Excursion:

Visit Haxhi Ali Cave in Karaburun Peninsula for snorkeling and diving opportunities.
Explore the majestic cave formations and underwater treasures.

Return Journey:

Conclude the tour with a shore excursion at St. John's Bay on Karaburun Peninsula.
Relax on the beach, enjoy refreshments, and take in the scenic views.
Return to Vlore, marking the end of an exhilarating 7-8 hour adventure.




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  • Drinks
  • sandwiches
  • snacks
  • Fruits 
  • Professional snorkeling equipment
  • Tour Guide
    Crewe Member 
    for photography and videography 


  • Lunch 


  • 7-8 Hours