Snorkeling Tour Sazan Island & Karaburun 360 Experience (Group)

From EUR 50

Explore the Beauty of Nature with an Unforgettable Trip to Sazan Island and Pirate Cave Expedition! We will be sailing all the Bay of Vlora,in a unique tour of the Marine Park of Sazan and Karaburun.Join 4 more Fun!

From EUR 50

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1-Sazan Island  (1 Hour)


Arriving at Sazan Island, you'll have the opportunity for free exploration. Take your time to wander the island at your own pace—whether it's swimming at Saint Nicholas Beach near the harbor or embarking on a self-guided adventure.

2​​​​​-Snorkeling Tour in the Coral Barrier of Devil's Gorge  (1 hour) 


Embark on an adventure to the western side of the island, known as the "Angry Side," where we'll uncover the island's hidden treasures:
Treasure Cave of Haxhi Ali: Delve into the depths of this stunning cave with its crystal-clear blue waters and learn about the legendary pirate Haxhi Ali.

Hell's Gorge: Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the island's most picturesque bay, where we'll pause for snorkeling and marvel at the mesmerizing Sea Caves of Seal Monk.

Cape of Seagulls: Step ashore for a captivating shore excursion and admire the majestic cliffs that line the coast.

Devil's Gorge: Venture into the heart of the gorge to admire its ancient caves and the majestic Cliff of the Prison of Sazan, steeped in history and mystery.

Prepare for an unforgettable adventure filled with discovery and wonder as we unveil the secrets of Sazan Island's western shoreline.

4-Haxhi Ali Cave (30 min)


Diving from the boat,swimming or snorkeling inside the Cool and Giant "Pirate Cave of Haxhi Ali",are some of the  activities can be done,or you can enjoy a drink or simply admire the stallactites and stallagmites ore take pictures.

Karaburun Peninsula (1h)

We will do a coastal excursion of Karaburun Peninsula from Haxhi Aliu Cave to Long Cape with stops to a secluded beaches as Saint John's Bay and Saint Nicholas Bay,for snokeling or enjoying the beach.


Upgrade to our Sazan Island 360 Experience for walking and snorkeling tours! Don't miss out on the ultimate adventure!


  • Drinks (2 Bottle of water 2 Beers/Cold drinks)
  • Snorkeling Equipment 


  • Lunch 


  • 4h 20 min