Dafina Bay Hopping,Ionian Shore Excursion & Swim Haxhi Aliu Cave (Group) -

Dafina Bay Hopping,Ionian Shore Excursion & Swim Haxhi Aliu Cave (Group)

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Ready to explore the wild, untouched beauty of the Ionian Sea? Set sail with Rib Boat Adventure to Dafina Bay and experience an adventure like no other. 

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1-HAXHI ALIU CAVE (30 min)

We will visit the giant Haxhi Aliu Cave and have time to enjoy inside the cave with activities like snorkeling, diving, swimming or admire the stalactites and stalagmites inside the cave and take photos.

2-SHORE EXCURSION KARABURUN PENINSULA - Cape of Tongue to Dafina Bay - 5Nm (more than 1 hour)

We will sail from Haxhi Aliu Cave to Cape Tongue into the open Ionian Sea, where we will take a shore excursion to stop for snorkeling , dive, look and go in different places such as:
-Gorge of Fisherman's 
-Gorge of Boat's 
-Cliffs of Hilqe 
-Labyrinth cave
-Cliffs of Panaj 
-Maple Cave

 (2 hours)

Dafina Beach, a wonderful hidden bay of the Marine Park located in the blue Ionian Sea and Dafina Cave, a cave with a small beach inside located 30 meters from Dafina Beach that can be explored from the beach a magical place for snorkeling enthusiasts!

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