Rib Adventure in Grama Paradise Beach

From EUR 100

Come explore Grama Bay's hidden gems and take in the stunning beauty of the Ionian Sea! Join us on a journey to uncover pristine beaches, incredible sea caves, and stunning vistas that you won't find anywhere else. Soak in the beauty of Grama Bay and marvel at its natural paradise. Get ready for your next aquatic adventure!

From EUR 100

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Departing from Hotel Bologna's touristic harbor, we'll cross the sea to Karaburun Peninsula. During this journey, we'll have the chance to behold the Bay of Vlora, Soda Forest, and Mezokanal strait where the Ionian Sea meets the Adriatic Sea at Galloveci Cape, making for a breathtaking sight.

  • We'll then explore the magnificent Haxhi Ali cave, where there will be various activities to entertain us such as snorkeling, diving, and swimming.
Sailing towards Cape of Tongue, we'll turn south and head towards the open Ionian Sea until we reach the Western Wild Side of Karaburun Peninsula, where we'll take a shore excursion to stop, dive, watch and visit various locations such as cliffs, caves, gorges, canyons, and natural phenomena of the Marine Park. Our excursion stops will include marvels such as :
  • Panaj Cliff,
  • Canyon of the Smugglers,
  • Pigeons Cave,
  • Water Caves,
  • Dafina Beach (a hidden bay of the Marine Park located in the blue Ionian Sea), and Dafina Cave (a gorgeous cave with a small beach inside located 30 meters' swims from Dafina Beach).
  • Engishman Bay and Cave of "Gjogjileka"
  • We'll also visit Llovizi Bay, a hidden gem of the Karaburun Peninsula where there are several caves around to explore, as well as the
  • Hidden Seal Monk Cave, a beautiful blue hidden cave that is one of the most awe-inspiring wonders of the Marine Park.
  • In Grama Bay, we'll have the chance to enjoy many activities that Tour Guides will offer, like snorkeling in the reef of Grama or
  • hiking to the Stone in the sky of Grama for wonderful pictures, videos, and panoramas or simply relax and enjoy a drink. Finally, we'll return by doing a sea-cross from Karaburun Peninsula's western side to Hotel Bologna's Touristic Harbor in Vlore.


Discover the Hidden Treasures of Grama Bay!