Vlore History,Museums Tour & Kuzum Baba Terrace

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Embark on a fascinating journey through Vlore's rich history with our Vlore History Walking Tour. Wander down the main boulevard, explore the charming streets of the old town, and delve into the city's past at historic landmarks. Discover the treasures of the National Museum, explore the Ethnographic Museum, and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views from Kuzum Baba Terrace. This 4-hour tour promises a captivating blend of architecture, culture, and scenic beauty."

Da EUR 25

  1. Sheshi Pavarsia - Hotel Partner: (45 min )                                                                                   

    Start your journey at Sheshi Pavarsia and walk down the main boulevard, soaking in the architectural styles and history of Vlore.

  2. Muradie Mosque: (15 min)

    Explore the iconic Muradie Mosque, a historical landmark in Vlore.

  3. Old Town - "Muradie": (1 h)

    Venture into the charming old town of Muradie, with its streets, clubs, old market, and a glimpse into the history from ancient "Aulon" ruins to Italian colonial buildings.

  4. National Museum of Vlore: (30 min)

    Immerse yourself in the history and archaeological remains of Vlore and its districts at the National Museum.

  5. Ethnographic Museum: (30 min)

    Visit the Ethnographic Museum to discover the rich costumes and traditions of Vlore and Albania.

  6. Kuzum Baba Terrace: (1h )

    Head to Kuzum Baba Terrace, a natural vantage point offering panoramic views of Vlore and the bay. Take a break at the hilltop bar for a refreshing drink or coffee.

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Step into Vlore's vibrant past with our immersive Vlore History Walking Tour. Stroll through historic streets, unravel tales at landmarks, and uncover cultural treasures at the National Museum. Enjoy panoramic vistas from Kuzum Baba Terrace. It's a captivating 4-hour journey through architecture, culture, and scenic delights!


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