Private - Sazan Island & Karaburun Marine Park

Da EUR 299

Treat yourself to an unforgettable private speedboat trip to explore the best of Sazan Island and Karaburun Marine Park! From crystal clear waters and hidden gems beaches, to gorgues and caves, you'll be able to enjoy swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, and drinks in pure luxury. Get ready for an amazing day with Private Speedboat Trip!

Da EUR 299


Depart from Hotel Bologna's tourist harbor to Sazan Island, which takes approximately 35 minutes.

  • Our first stop will be at Saint Nicholas Bay, where you may opt to explore the island on foot or enjoy the beach at Saint Nicholas Bay.
  • Our second stop is on the western side of the island, Devil's Gorge, with high cliffs and caves that open out to the sea. We will enter the gorge to revel in the marvelously beautiful reef for swimming and snorkeling.
  • Our third stop is at Hell's Bay, a gorgeous bay with a gorge, cliffs, and underwater sea caves for snorkeling. We'll cross the Mezokanal, where the Adriatic and Ionian Seas come together (in about 15 minutes).
  • We'll visit the giant Haxhi Ali Cave, with time to spend swimming and snorkeling inside the cave.
  • Our final stop is in Saint John's Bay, a stunning turquoise water and wild beach of the Karaburun Peninsula. We'll return to Vlorë from the Karaburun Peninsula in about 25 minutes.

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