Snorkeling Tour Haxhi Aliu Cave, Ionian Gorges & Cliffs

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Embark on the ultimate snorkeling adventure through the stunning waters of Vlore's marine park. Our tour takes you to three breathtaking snorkeling sites, each offering a unique underwater experience. Dive into the crystal-clear waters of Haxhi Aliu Cave, explore the vibrant marine life around the Cape of Tongue, and venture into the mystical Ionian Gorges for an unforgettable guided snorkeling tour. Conclude your journey at the majestic cliffs of Hilqe, where you'll snorkel amidst labyrinthine caves and stunning underwater landscapes. With complimentary refreshments onboard and expert guidance from our tour guide, skipper, and crew, this tour promises an exhilarating and immersive exploration of Vlore's marine wonders.

Desde EUR 40

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  • Departure from Touristic Harbor at Hotel Bologna: Begin your adventure from the picturesque Touristic Harbor.
  • Snorkeling in Haxhi Aliu Cave: Dive into the enchanting waters of Haxhi Aliu Cave for your first snorkeling session.
  • Cape of Tongue: Explore the vibrant marine life around the Cape of Tongue as we transition from the Adriatic to the Ionian Sea.
  • Guided Snorkeling Tour of Ionian Gorges: Discover the hidden treasures of the Ionian Gorges with a guided snorkeling tour of Fishermans Gorge and Boats Gorge.
  • Snorkeling at Cliffs of Hilqe: Conclude your journey with a snorkeling adventure amidst the labyrinthine caves and majestic cliffs of Hilqe.
  • Complimentary Refreshments: Enjoy refreshing drinks and delicious fruits onboard, provided for your comfort and enjoyment.
  • Professional Photography: Capture your underwater memories with the assistance of our crew, who will take stunning photos and videos with underwater cameras and drones.


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    Snorkeling Equipment 


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  • 3 Hours