Safari in the Sandy Dunes of Akerni

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Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Vjose Narte Protected Landscape as you embark on a captivating birdwatching expedition. 
Experience the ultimate adventure with our exhilarating safari through the sandy dunes of Akerni. 

Desde EUR 40

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1- Lagoon of Narta - Ngjoli Road and Saltern Fields (1 hour and 30 minutes):

Drive along Ngjoli Road, which runs alongside the lagoon of Narta and the Saltern fields of the saltinery.

Stop at the saltinery to observe the salt fields and learn about the salt production process.

Proceed along Ngjoli Road, keeping an eye out for various bird species.

Stop at the first Tower of Birdwatching to begin spotting Pelicans and Flamingos.

Continue to the second tower along Ngjoli Road for additional birdwatching opportunities.


2- Hidrovorri Forest and Sandy Dunes of Narta (1 hour):

Enter the Hidrovorri forest to reach the Sandy Dunes of Narta.

Stop at the Sandy Dunes to admire the natural beauty of the dunes and the nearby beach of Hidrovorri.


3- Poro Forest and Sandy Dunes of Akerni (1 hour):Included in Safari in Akerni Dunes

Enter the dense forest of pines and Sandy Dunes of Akerni.

Explore the narrow roads and dense vegetation, offering an electrizing safari-like experience.

Keep an eye out for wildlife such as the golden jackal,foxes,falcons, and other bird species.


4- Visit to the 4 Bunkers (30 min):Included in Safari in Akerni Dunes

Stop at the 4 Bunkers, remnants of the communist period, located within the forest.

Explore the old, large bunkers and learn about their historical significance.

5- Restaurant Dolphin (1 hour and 30 minutes):

Visit Restaurant Dolphin, a typical restaurant of the Vjose Narte Protected Landscape.

Optionally choose to try the local specialties or enjoy a meal at the restaurant.

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Explore the Vjose Narte Protected Landscape with our Birdwatching Tour at Narta Lagoon or elevate your experience with our 360 Experience Safari in Akerni Dunes for an added thrill! Don't miss out on the ultimate adventure!


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  • 4x4 Transportation Safari in Akerni Dunes
  • Tour Guide  Safari in Akerni Dunes


  • Lunch at Dolphin Restaurant 


  • 4 Hours  Birdwatching Vjose-Narte Protected Landscape
  • 6 Hours  Safari in the Sandy Dunes of Akerni