Berat Castle,Bogova Waterfall & Osum Canyon Guided Tour

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Spend a full day exploring South Albania by visiting the historic city of Berat, where you'll learn about its rich culture and stunning attractions to gain insight into Albanian history at the castle. Afterward, unwind in the natural park of Bogove, taking in the beauty of the Bogove waterfall. Lastly, experience one of Albania's most popular tourist attractions, the Osumi Canyon, where you'll explore its bridges and marvel at its most picturesque points.

Desde EUR 100

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The tour from Vlore to Berat takes approximately 1 hour. 
Our knowledgeable guide will take us through Berat's old town, giving us an insight into its rich history. 
We will also visit the impressive Castle of Berat, which boasts a number of fascinating attractions such as churches, streets, and museums. 
During the tour, we will explore the breathtakingly beautiful Bogova Natural Park and its stunning Bogove Waterfall, where we can cool off in one of the most picturesque attractions of Berat County. 
We will also have the opportunity to visit the magnificent Osum Canyon, which is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful attractions in Albania. 
As part of our visit to the Osum Canyon, we will cross the historic Zaberzan Bridge and explore the canyons themselves. 
Finally, we will return to Vlore from Corovode, with the journey taking approximately 2 hours.

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