Visit Amantia Archeological Park & Brataj Bridge

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Join us on a 4x4 outdoor adventure to explore a new side of the city of Vlora and its surrounding villages nestled in the Shushice River valley. During this trip, uncover the archaeological wonders of the ancient civilizations in the Amantia archaeological park and marvel at the 17th-century Brataj Bridge built by the Ottomans. Along the way, seize the opportunity to savor delicious local cuisine.

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1.Drashovice Monument:

Duration: Approximately 30 minutes
Description: Learn about the history of Vlore's independence at the monument of Drashovice.

2.Lepenice Written Cave: included in Brataj Bridge and Lepenice Cave

Duration: Approximately 1 hour
Description: Explore the outdoor beauty and historical significance of the Written Cave of Lepenice.

3.Brataj Bridge site:included in Brataj Bridge and Lepenice Cave

Duration: Approximately 1 hour
Description: Enjoy the scenic views of the Shushice River and explore the archaeological site of Brataj Bridge.

4.Amantia Archaeological Park:

Duration: Approximately 1+ hours
Description: Visit the "Machu Picchu of Albania" and explore the South-eastern door, Acropolis, Stadium, and Necropolis at Amantia Archaeological Park.

5.Restaurant Shpella Vajze:

Description: Conclude your tour with a delicious traditional meal at Restaurant Vajze.


Aspectos importantes

Follow the Ancient Trail of Amantia with our guided Tour to Amantia Archeological Park Outdoor Adventure or elevate your experience with our 360 Experience Brataj Bridge and Lepenice Cave for an added thrill! Don't miss out on the ultimate adventure!


  • Water/Coffe
  • 4x4 Transportation Brataj Bridge and Lepenice Cave
  • Tour Guide  


  • Lunch at Restaurant Shpella Vajze 


  • 4 Hours  Amantia Archeological Park Outdoor Adventure
  • 6 Hours  Brataj Bridge and Lepenice Cave